Introducing Custom Messages for Email Notifications


You can now add a note to your team’s confirmation and cancellation emails.

We know that every organization has its own needs when it comes to hotels. From reimbursement forms to special check-out instructions, we want to empower your team with the tools for seamless communication during the booking process.

Based on valuable user feedback, we’ve added a new feature for this kind of personalized instruction. Admins can now create and include custom messages on system-generated emails sent to users, coordinators, or other admins on their account.


How to Add a Custom Message

  1. Go to the “Configuration” page from the top navigation menu.
  2. Click on the “Notifications” tab.
  3. Select which role(s) should receive this custom message (users, coordinators, and/or admins).
  4. Choose whether your custom message should go to specific payment-type users (direct bill and/or credit card users).
  5. Choose whether this message will be added to confirmation or cancellation emails, or both.
  6. Enter and format your custom message.
  7. Click “Save.” You’re done!

Please note that this custom note will be included every time these emails are sent until you deselect them.