Top Transportation and Logistics Conferences in the US

Sara Kern
May 18, 2023
Top Transportation and Logistics Conferences in the US

If you’re in the transportation and logistics industry, you’re likely no stranger to challenges.

For that reason, it can be immensely helpful to stay abreast of any updates, tips and trends from within the industry.

And conferences are a great way to do that.

Here’s a collection of the top transportation and logistics conferences in the US, where you can gain that knowledge, capitalize on networking opportunities and meet others who face (and overcome) challenges just like yours.

Table of Contents

1. ASCM Connect: North America
2. CSCMP EDGE Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition
3. LINK Retail Supply Chain Conference
4. TMP Conference
6. IWLA Convention & Expo
7. The Future of Supply Chain
8. ISM World Annual Conference
9. Breakbulk Americas
10. Manifest
11. Smart Transportation Conference and Exhibition
12. TCL’s Annual Conference
13. Expedite Expo

1. ASCM Connect: North America

The North American Connect in 2023 will be held in Louisville, Kentucky. However, this logistics conference is held in a different city and month each year, so you’ll have to visit the American Supply Chain Summit website to stay informed of the annual specifications. he Association for American Supply Chain Management has even expanded the conference to include a European event as well in Brussels, Belgium.

The US version is a three-day conference providing educational sessions, innovation labs, exhibits, networking and keynote speakers for all who attend.

They have also begun to include a traveling tour with one-day educational experiences, networking and best practices in cities nationwide.

These cities include Orlando, Dallas, Milwaukee and many more.

2. CSCMP EDGE Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition

Attended by over 2700 professionals and providing over 100 different sessions with actionable insights and perspectives, CSCMP EDGE may be one of the largest conferences in the industry.

It also includes a supply chain exchange exhibition where you can find the newest products, innovations and technologies on the market to help SCM professionals tackle the many challenges of their job.

World-renowned experts, industry leaders and visionary thinkers will give talks and share practical strategies and academic case studies to help you think outside the box.

EDGE is held in a different city each year, usually in the early to mid fall.

3. LINK Retail Supply Chain Conference

The LINK conference focuses on being beneficial for retail industry supply chain professionals. This massive event is usually attended by 2000+ industry leaders, with more than 100 presentations and speakers.

On top of all that, you’ll have plenty of networking opportunities, breakout sessions and workshops to keep you busy.

Last but not least, the LINK expo will showcase the top supply chain solution partners and service providers on the market.

This conference is held in a different city each year in February.

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4. TMP Conference

TMP transportation conference

The TMP conference is the top conference for global container shipping and logistics and is organized by The Journal of Commerce.

At this event, attendees will participate in networking, negotiations and relationship-building for shippers, carriers, forwarders, technology providers, trucking operators, railroads, ports and terminals.

It is always held at Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center in Long Beach, California. The week starts with a golf open and regatta and yacht race, and then everyone gets down to business.

TMP also offers a Port of Long Beach Boat Tour, a 90-minute harbor cruise giving a close-up look at the many container terminals, on-dock railyards and diverse cargo mix at the Port of Long Beach.


Attendees can connect with over 900 leading providers of supply chain equipment and technology solutions at the MODEX conference. Offering over 150 free education sessions and four powerful keynotes, this four-day event, usually in March, is always held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

If you go, give yourself time to explore; This huge expo with hundreds of logistics service providers can’t be completed in just one day.

Just check out the size of the floor plan!

6. IWLA Convention & Expo

Usually held in the spring in a different resort each year, the IWLA Convention and Expo is one of the top events for warehouse logistics professionals.

You don’thave to be an IMLA member to attend; However, member savings may make you think about joining.

Exhibitors will showcase a variety of products in automation, sustainability and optimization of the logistics industry. This event includes a plethora of educational content, networking and product/service information.

But to make it even more of a good time, the IWLA adds evening socials, lunches and a Chairman’s Dinner to enjoy.

7. The Future of Supply Chain

With exclusive VIP experiences, rapid-fire demos, interactive sponsor kiosks and engaging discussions about the key factors impacting the supply chain, The Future of Supply Chain conference presented by FreightWaves, is not one you want to miss.

There will be four main keynote speakers, four industry-specific presenters and 70 additional lecturers to hear from during this two-day in-person event. It may be hard to catch them all!

This conference is only in its second year as of 2023, but has been held in a different month and location each time. Check their website for the most up-to-date information.

8. ISM World Annual Conference

If you think most conferences are similar, you’ll probably rethink that once you’ve made it to the ISM World annual conference, usually held in North America. This event offers unique experiences, such as silent theaters, idea labs and wellness spaces for all its attendees.

The opening and closing keynote speakers always cause a buzz. Past presenters have included George W. Bush and CEOs of large logistics companies around the world.

Along with educational and entertaining experiences, this conference includes the J. Shipman Gold Medal Award for excellence in the advancement of the supply management field.

There is so much going on at this event. For example, there is even an invitation-only reception, dinner and all-inclusive closing party.

9. Breakbulk Americas

unnamed 7

It’s funny that the word “bulk” is in the name of this conference because the sheer “bulk” of people who will be brought together for this event is astounding!

The Breakbulk Americas conference typically has over 4500 attendees, 200 exhibits and more than 350 global shippers.

This is the region’s largest trade event for the project cargo, warehousing and the breakbulk industry. There are networking events to attend and a large expo to explore during this two-day conference program.

More shippers attend Breakbulk Americas than any other breakbulk event, so if you can only attend just one, this is it.

The conference is held each year in Houston, Texas, usually in September.

10. Manifest

Another whopper of a conference, Manifest boasts over 4500 attendees and 1200 starters and investors looking to jumpstart their e-commerce business.

With 250 world-class speakers and more than 50 countries represented, this international conference is very popular with those looking for the best in 3PL and traditional logistic strategies.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn about vehicles, drones and robotics innovations, Machine Learning & AI, aerospace, cybersecurity and more. Manifest is held each year in Las Vegas in either January or February.

11. Smart Transportation Conference and Exhibition

Presented 100% virtually, the Smart Transportation Conference is one of the only online events for this type of experience.

Over 350 Industry and Technology Leaders will attend this two-day conference to discuss the decarbonization of the transportation industry and similar initiatives.

12. TCL’s Annual Conference

Running for 49 years and counting, the Transportation & Logistics Council’s Annual Conference is a monument to the industry.

Attendees will participate in educational sessions and workshops on importing and exporting, freight charges and bills of lading, and transportation insurance and risk management. Meet the experts, visit exhibits and network at the Hospitality Suites and President’s Reception.

This conference is held in a different city and on a different date each year, so be sure to check the specifics on their website for an update.

13. Expedite Expo

The Expedite Expo is all about the expedite trucking industry. Here you’ll find workshops for fleet owners, CEOs, owner-operators, drivers and food shippers alike.

Attendees enjoy dynamic speakers, cash giveaways, headhunting, the Driver’s Choice Awards and Casino Night.

There is a vast 35,000 square feet of trucks, truck parts, trucking displays, recruiters and product exhibits. The expo floor plan is available to see online if you’re interested.

As always, this conference is hosted in July at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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The conferenes on this list provide information on all things transportation, supply chain and logistics.

The benefits of attending even one are too numerous to recount.

From improving your business’s profitability to procuring one-of-a-kind transport logistics products, these conferences and webinars can be invaluable to the success of your business.

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