Are You a Traveling Nurse Looking for Extended Stay Hotel Deals?

Audrey Fairbrother
December 18, 2022
Are You a Traveling Nurse Looking for Extended Stay Hotel Deals?

For a traveling nurse, being happy with your housing situation is crucial when you’re away from home for an assignment.

Nurses and other medical professionals work long hours in mentally and physically demanding conditions. It’s essential that they show up to shifts focused, refreshed and ready to do their best work on behalf of their patients.

A less than ideal housing assignment translates to poor sleep and difficulty relaxing and recharging during downtime. That’s why it’s essential to find and book the best available housing for travel nurses.

Traveling medical professionals report that the most important factors for their accommodations are safety, cleanliness and convenience to the worksite — because no one wants to travel a long distance to take a work assignment, only to then deal with an extended daily commute.

Another factor to consider is affordability If provided a housing stipend, travel nurses must ensure that it can cover the entirety of their housing costs. Ideally, they’ll even have some money left over to keep in their pockets.

What you ultimately decide will likely depend on your assignment (a standard 13-week travel nurse contract or longer locum tenens travel nursing assignments) and your personal preferences.

So how can you find the best extended-stay accommodation for travel nurses, and how can you book it at the best deals? Read on for our tips.

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3. Finding the Best Deals on Extended Stay Hotels
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Popular Travel Nurse Housing Options

There are plenty of housing options out there for travel nurses, as well as different ways to find and book them at the best rates. There’s no one-size-fits-all best choice for accommodation, as it really comes down to personal preference. Take a look at the pros and cons of the most popular choices and determine which is most suited to your tastes and lifestyle.

Houses, Apartments and Condo Rentals

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There are many houses, apartments and condos available for travel nurses to rent for the length of their assignment. These can be found and booked via vacation rental services or travel nurse placement services.

There are also online forums and groups where travel nurses can connect directly with owners looking to rent to a medical professional. Renting to a travel nurse is attractive to owners because the longer-term assignments are less labor-intensive than short-term vacation rentals, and travel nurses tend to be reliable and clean tenants.

What are the pros of renting a home for a travel nurse?

  • Apartments, houses and condos come fully furnished and appointed, so tenants can move right in and make themselves at home
  • This option provides the most privacy and space (depending on the size and layout of the rental and the building it’s in)
  • Many rentals of this type are pet-friendly
  • Homes are likely to be better equipped with kitchen appliances and cookware (although you may not know exactly what you’ll get until you arrive)

Now for some of the cons to renting a house, apartment or condo:

  • No third-party support available if renting directly from an owner — which can be an issue in case of any conflicts
  • Depending on the contract, travel nurse may have to pay utilities in addition to rent
  • Inconsistent quality in terms of furnishings and decor
  • Tenant will be responsible for cleaning, taking trash out and potentially maintaining the property (like mowing the lawn or raking leaves)
  • Contracts may be strict

In general, there tends to be less consistency with this option. So much will depend on the type of rental you find, the agreement you come to with the owner, the location of the property, how the owner has chosen to furnish and appoint the home — the list goes on. These rentals could work out perfectly, but there’s always a chance for some unexpected surprises when you arrive.

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Extended Stay Hotels

Extended-stay hotels can be found in just about any location, and can be booked using any online booking tool. They may be easier to find than a home rental, and they’re much more consistent. If you find a hotel brand you like, you can reasonably expect similar accommodations at any property under that chain.

What are the pros of an extended-stay hotel for a travel nurse?

  • Comfortably furnished rooms
  • Rooms equipped with kitchens or kitchenettes
  • Access to amenities like pools, hot tubs, gyms and laundry service
  • Convenient locations
  • Regular housekeeping
  • Security
  • Support available to assist in case of issues (from the hotel’s customer service or the company you used to book)

Cons of an extended stay hotel for travel nurse housing:

  • Potentially less space available than a house or apartment
  • Kitchens may be smaller and less well-stocked
  • May be less privacy than a full house

While it largely comes down to a matter of personal preference, hotels can generally be counted on for safety, convenient locations and comfort. Plus, you can always look up reviews in advance for a detailed sense of what to expect from the property.

More About Extended Stay Hotels for Travel Nurses

While the idea of living out of a hotel long term may not be attractive to a working professional, it’s important to keep in mind that extended-stay hotels are not your typical vacationer’s accommodations.

While typical hotels are designed to provide just the essentials for a short-term stay when guests are mostly out exploring and dining in restaurants, extended-stay hotels are much more similar to apartments. They are designed for longer-term living and to support your daily routine with amenities like kitchens and laundry facilities. Many are also pet-friendly.

Extended-stay hotels can offer the best perks of a vacation getaway, too! Many extended-stay properties are equipped with pools, hot tubs, gyms and outdoor common areas to add a little luxury.

Another big benefit is regular housekeeping, so you don’t have to spend precious downtime tidying up and maintaining the property — as you would in a rented home.

Then, there are loyalty programs to consider. If you like a certain hotel chain, consider booking with them as much as possible to earn rewards. By accruing points on every assignment, you can set yourself up for major discounts and perks on a future vacation.

Best Extended Stay Hotel Brands

There are quite a few hotel brands offering extended-stay properties. A major one is Choice — a well-respected brand with a wide range of chains within its umbrella, including four extended-stay hotels:

  • EverHome Suites
  • MainStay Suites
  • WoodSpring Suites
  • Suburban Studios

All of these brands provide essentials, including fully equipped kitchens, free Wi-Fi, laundry facilities and housekeeping services. The individual brands also offer their own sets of amenities to suit traveling nurses’ various preferences.

For example, EverHome Suites offer 24-hour fitness centers with Peloton bikes, while Surbuban Suites and MainStay Suites have free premium movie channels. WoodSpring Suites have pet-friendly rooms, and MainStay Suites provide a free continental breakfast every day.

Another popular option is Studio6 properties by Motel 6, which are a mid-range option designed to help traveling nurses keep some extra cash in their pockets. All of the studios feature living areas and fully furnished kitchens along with cookware, so you can count on having all your essentials taken care of.

Studio6 extended stay hotels may be a great option for those who like to spend their free time out and about and would rather keep more of their stipend for their savings account or on exploring their location.

On the more luxurious side, Hilton has two extended-stay brands in their portfolio: Homewood Suites and Home2 Suites.

Home2 Suites promise the same great amenities at every property, including saline pools, cozy outdoor areas and fitness and laundry facilities.

Homewood Suites are a great choice for those who need a little extra space, offering your choice of studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom suite options. Pets are welcome at Homewood Suites, and a free hot breakfast is available each morning. Homewood Suites also offer 24-hour fitness centers, pools and outdoor common areas with grills and firepits.

Hilton also has one of the best loyalty programs in the business. Earn Hilton Honors points on your stays and cash them in later when you treat yourself to a vacation.

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Finding the Best Deals on Extended Stay Hotels

You don’t need to do much to get a good deal on an extended stay at a hotel. Hotels usually offer lower rates to people who are booking a longer stay. After all, it’s in the hotel’s best interest to have guests stay for longer periods of time. Less frequent turnover means a lower lift on reception staff and housekeeping. They pass on savings to the guests to incentivize longer-term stays.

Check the website of the hotel you’re interested in booking to find out about their extended stay rates.

Save with a Booking Tool for Business Travel

Business travelers also tend to get better deals than tourists. As a travel nurse, you can and should take advantage of these booking tools to get the best rates! Hotel Engine is a hotel booking platform that’s exclusively available for business travelers and offers rates up to 60% off consumer prices. You can book at over 700,000 hotels worldwide using Hotel Engine, including at all the top brands listed above.

On the Hotel Engine platform, you can also filter search results for specific brands, amenities and property types, meaning that you can quickly locate the best hotel for your specific needs. You can easily find bookings that will allow you to accrue rewards points or ones that are pet friendly.

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Get Started on Hotel Engine

Create a free account on Hotel Engine today to start accessing the best rates on your housing! You can earn HE Rewards with every booking in addition to brand-specific loyalty points, maximizing your savings and making sure that your travel pays off for you.

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