Hotel Engine Personal Accounts Boost ‘Bleisure’ for Member Base

Cara Meglio
October 26, 2022

Hotel Engine members are now eligible to create separate accounts for booking personal travel!

In addition to extending access to all the benefits of Hotel Engine (like exclusive discounts and 24/7 Member Support) for all types of travel, the launch of personal accounts is also designed to make “bleisure” trips easier and more accessible for travelers and company admins alike.

Bleisure travel — blending business and leisure travel by extending a work trip into a vacation — has long been popular with workers who can take advantage of company-paid travel and then enjoy extra time at their destination.  

The bleisure trend is accelerating rapidly — in fact, 89% of people plan to add personal vacation time to work trips this year. Post-pandemic, people are eager for any opportunities to get out of town (and looking for ways to cut travel costs in the face of inflation and high gas prices).  

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However, bleisure travel has historically come with some headaches for travelers and company administrators alike. Most bleisure travelers prefer to stay in the same hotel room for the vacation portion of their trip to avoid the hassle of relocation. But when the stay is booked on a company card or via a business account on Hotel Engine, it can be challenging to keep track of which nights should be billed to the business and which are the traveler’s responsibility.

Despite the difficulties it can pose, bleisure travel is clearly a win-win for travelers, businesses and hotels alike. Travelers get to save money and time by vacationing in a place they’re already visiting for work, and businesses benefit from increased employee satisfaction and retention. Not to mention, hotels increase their occupancy, filling “shoulder” rooms that bridge the gap between common business travel nights and popular tourist dates.

Using Hotel Engine, travelers can now seamlessly extend a trip that they’ve booked for work, toggling easily to their personal account and then adding nights. Personal nights can be added any time after the reservation is initially booked — and as long as it’s available, they’ll get to keep the same hotel room.

Because personal account reservations are booked separately, with the traveler’s own payment method, there won’t be any question of who pays for what. Personal accounts are also completely private from the corporate account, while offering the convenience of keeping both reservations on the same platform.

Of course, personal accounts aren’t exclusively for bleisure travel. No matter the purpose of the trip, members will enjoy the same deep discounts up to 60% off and access to 24/7 Member Support.  

Members also have the option to add Flex coverage to any reservation, providing peace of mind that a trip can be cancelled or shortened without penalty. That flexibility is more important than ever as we all adapt to traveling in our “new normal,” with the constant possibility of COVID-related disruptions.

Hotel Engine is pleased to offer more value to its members and hotel partners with personal accounts, while continuing to raise the bar on hotel booking and providing innovative solutions built for modern travel needs.

Interested in getting started? Personal accounts are available to anyone eligible for a business account — and both are totally free to create and use. Sign up here!

Cara Meglio
Article written by
Cara Meglio

Cara Meglio is a Copywriter at Hotel Engine. She assists with content creation, researching and writing articles to help businesses improve their travel experience and discover helpful solutions with Hotel Engine. Cara has a passion for travel of all types. Based in Denver, CO, Cara loves exploring the Mountain West as well as international destinations.

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